We source steel pipe and tubing from domestic and international manufacturers and distribute to the North American Market. We also export ferrous steel scrap and secondary steel scrap products to several different Asian markets.

When MB Metals was formed in 1998 by Mark, Marvin and Marty Brashem, its primary objective was to supply ferrous steel scrap and secondary steel products to the Asian steel mills, foundries, secondary re‑processors and steel distributors. As a result of consistent quality and competitive pricing, MB Metals has successfully grown into a global provider of scrap and steel materials, providing numerous grades of ferrous melting scrap to customers throughout Asia.

In 2000, to compliment the steel scrap export business, MB Metals began importing new steel pipe and tubing. The product currently originates from several different mills in Asia that are prequalified and visited regularly. These mills manufacture products to US inch and quality standards. A full line inventory of pipe and tubing is warehoused in Kent, Washington and mill direct delivery can be provided to any location in North America.

Our Team

Moyne Riley
Pipe & Tubing Sales
Mark Brashem
Pipe & Tubing Purchasing
Giovanni Freda
Logistics & Sales Support
Ken Miyano
Logistics & Sales Support
Brenda Mackinnon

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