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How Scrap Metal Recycling Fuels Global Industries

Around the world, various industries are fueled by advanced metal recycling efforts. While it is possible to smelt metal from ore, and create an entirely new piece of metal equipment, the process for this is time consuming and exceptionally expensive. Combine significant cost savings with superior efficiency, and it is clear why a majority of companies option for recycled scrap metals. At MB Metals – Scrap, we supply a strong selection of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, utilized by foundries, mills, secondary re-processors, and distributers around the world. Our selection, logistical partnerships, competitive pricing, and commitment to customer service has made us a trusted source for scrap metal since 2000.

Not Just Economical

Going beyond the logistical efficiency and cost savings of reusing or recycling various metals, there is a sustainability impact as well. With limited natural resources available, reusing whenever possible is a great way to reduce our direct impact on the planet, while also helping to reduce the growth of landfills. Additionally, the entire process or sourcing scrap metal and casting it into a new product uses significantly less energy than harvesting metals from the earth.

Extensive Array of Metals to Meet Various Industry Needs

MB Metals offers an impressive selection of scrap metals, for both melting and reusing. For customers looking to melt and recast a metal product, we specialize in supplying HMS, shredder scrap, unprepared scrap, cast iron, scrap mill rolls, manganese scrap, H-13, high chrome, and white iron. Our list of reusable steel products includes scrap rail (66 to 100 lbs and 100 lbs and heavier, full length cut to re-rolling lengths), used beams, plates, cobble plates, and secondary electrical steel laminations in coil and sheet form. Our wide-scope of industry partners has allowed us to grow our business and extensive services significantly over the years. Comprehensive services and competitive pricing have made us leaders in this space for many years.

Invest in a quality scrap metal supplier with MB Metals. Dedicated to supplying scrap metals both efficiently and affordably, our business fosters mutually beneficial partnerships around the globe, with a lot of our business concentrated in Asian markets. Call us today at 1-800-274-2008, or request a free quote today.