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What is Ferrous Scrap Used For?

Utilized in the production of a number of steel parts and components, ferrous scrap steel is the most common type of scrap metal used for re-melting, re-rolling, and re-casting metal products for a diverse array of industries. MB Metals is a trusted source for competitively priced ferrous scrap steel, supplied to foundries, mills, distributers, and secondary re-processors both domestically and internationally. Our ferrous scrap steel is available in a number of types, including cast iron scrap, white iron scrap, manganese steel scrap, and scrap mill rolls. Additionally, we offer a number of reusable ferrous steel products, such as used beams, plates, cobble plates, and scrap rail (sized 75 to 100 lbs., or 100 lbs. and heavier, and offered in full lengths).

Cast Iron Scrap

Cast iron has an impressively high wear resistance and compressive strength, paired with a low melting point that makes it ideal for casting a number of metal parts and equipment efficiently and affordably. Items commonly produced using cast iron scrap include automotive frames, manufacturing equipment, infrastructural support systems for roads, bridges, and buildings, and a variety of cooking equipment.

White Iron Scrap

Large carbide iron particles found in the microstructure of white iron makes it an exceptionally hard, yet brittle metal, with impressive abrasion resistance. Because of this, our white iron scrap is melted down and repurposed for a number of applications with continuous, low-impact abrasion, and minimal concern for the brittleness of the metal. Some of the most common items re-cast using white iron scrap include ball mills, extrusion nozzles, slurry pumps, pipe fittings, cement mixers, pump impellers, and shell liners. MB Metals also offers high chrome white iron scrap that contains nickel and chromium for additional abrasion resistance.

Manganese Steel Scrap

Most often utilized in high-intensity industrial manufacturing and processing settings, manganese steel can be melted down and repurposed into products that require exceptional hardness and resistance to abrasion and impact. Consisting of between 12 and 14% manganese, this mangalloy is commonly used for the producing high-impact tools used in industries like mining and construction, with impact resistance much greater than high carbon steel.

Scrap Mill Rolls

Used in the rolling of steel into items like angle irons, rebar, strips, and sheets, scrap mill rolls are forged iron or alloy cast steel rolls that are no longer useful due to wear and heavy use. Once these mill rolls have reached the end of their service life, they can then be melted down and repurposed into multiple valuable pieces of industrial steel equipment. Through our partnership with our sister company MBI Rolls, LLC, MB Metals will buy-back larger quantities of used mill rolls, and resell them for recycling purposes.

Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, with warehouses in Kent, WA, MB Metals is a trusted source for ferrous scrap steel, with a great selection and competitive price points. We supply our products to customers both domestically and internationally, with many clients located in Asian markets like Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and India. Founded in 2000, we have developed many industry relationships over the years, and have great experience exporting ferrous scrap steel efficiently.  Call us today at 1-800-274-2008, or request a free quote. We are happy to help you find what you need.